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Receive applicants to your event within an hour of booking and notified by email in real time. 

After your event, confirm hours and leave reviews for each staff member. Invoices are generated instantly and sent to your accounting team. 

We are an online staffing platform quickly becoming the preferred way of securing qualified staff for a wide range of events.

Our platform is transparent, flexible, and easy to use. In a total of ten minutes broken up into 3-steps,  you can have your event posted, filled, and confirmed. 

Unlike staffing agencies that send anyone they have to your event, we've built an online platform that allows you to hand pick vetted, reviewed and accountable staff on demand. Our taski team is made up of passionate individuals excited to work one-off events! Check out our walkthrough below!

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Video Overview:

  • Creating an event
  • Editing event details
  • Creating a template for future events

Video Overview:

  • What is the event?
  • How many guests are attending?
  • Is the venue accessible by transit?
  • Reviewing applicants
  • Reviewing your event details
  • Accepting applicants

Video Overview:

Helpful info for your event description: 

  • If breaks are included
  • If meals are provided
  • If event end times are subject to change

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Vetting Process


Candidates on our platform are thoroughly vetted to ensure that you as a hotel receive qualified staff at every event. Each tasker begins their application by creating a profile wherein they detail their skills and experience as well as attach a resume, their certifications (such as Serving It Right,Smart Serve), a photo, and a brief bio. 

If the tasker presents well, they are interviewed by taski's community manager and assessed on: experience level, professionalism, eligibility to work in Canada and proper certifications. Once the interview stage is complete, successful taskers undertake a thorough orientation to become familiar with taski's community guidelines.

In order to qualify as a tasker, we require candidates have at least two years of experience at an established restaurant or hospitality related business. In addition, we look for good communication skills, professionalism and a personable demeanor throughout the interview process. 

Taski is continuously ensuring that only the best staff can qualify for your hotel. Although the initial vetting process is quite thorough, hotels always have the option to create a review after working with each tasker; accountability is baked in to the platform. If you are seeking specific attributes in a tasker, you may do so easily by reviewing feedback from other hotels and communicating directly with prospective staff through the in-house email relay system. 

Workers Compensation

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All staff on taski are covered by Workers Compensation in each provinces and states.


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